Crowdfunding or Investor funds

When it comes to Funding a startup, the first question you need to ask yourself is what stage are you in? in terms of product and how much do you need?

When you are just starting out and haven’t started to generate any form of revenue, you are better of with crowdfunding.

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What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding in lay mans terms is simply gathering donations from passionate believers in your vision in order to start or support your vision.

Platforms like Kickstarter, indiegogo and others are popular for enabling this crowdfunding campaigns.

Why is Crowdfunding better than Investor funding?

  1. Crowdfunding ensures you don’t lose equity
  2. Crowdfunding with Repreneur ensures you also meet new driven people and share knowledge
  3. Crowdfunding is best for early stage startups

Which is better Kickstarter, indiegogo or Repreneur?

Kickstarter and indiegogo have similar ways of running their platforms, which makes a breathe of fresh air with more impact post donation is needed.

That is the problem Repreneur is solving.

The first question is what is Repreneur?

Repreneur is a social Crowdfunding platform using in app Virtual currency where makes can get insights and initial cash towards their product from the community.
Users earn based on engagement on the site or by buying IDF Tokens (which is the in-app currency)

We also believe in providing value so we have groups called Collaborative rooms that can either be public, private or even SECRET. Also we have developed a posting system if either posting your MVP/idea for crowdfunding or asking a Question.

We have also in built social features like;
Groups(Collaborative rooms)
and we are working on a private chat system.

Why should i switch to Repreneur?

Repreneur offers more than just another crowdfunding experience but couples it with some social experience and a way to share knowledge and ask for advice.

It is a much more compelling way to raise donations and also grow as a founder/ future founder.

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